coming 2024, demo out now

What to expect

Thumb Tank is a pure competitive splitscreen multiplayer game for two to four players. All the basic game mechanics can be learned in less than five minutes, so anyone can just pick up a gamepad and play along. At the same time, it offers tactical depth for more experienced players by combining weapons and power-ups.


The simple rank system allows you to play with more or less experienced players, with better players entering the match with a handicap and inexperienced players with advantages.


Choose from six different tanks, each with their own special ability: burst fire, shield, nitro drive, cloaking device, electromagnetic pulse and air support.

Upgrade draft

After each round, a small selection of 20+ tank upgrades – each again in four possible strengths – is available for selection. The player currently furthest behind in the standings gets to choose first, and so on. This gives lagging players a chance to catch up and keeps the games exciting.

Scoring and medals

Although the goal is of course to eliminate opponents, Thumb Tanks rewards equally courageous play. Collect medals and thus points in more than 20 categories, from accuracy to healing health points.

Game modes

Currently there are six different game modes. From classic deathmatch to game modes in which multiple players must team up against one. In some modes players earn points for eliminations, in others for completing game mode specific tasks.

More information

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Over 25 years ago, a buddy showed me my first lines of QuickBASIC. Immediately enthusiastic I knew that I wanted to use this magic power to create games. Since then I have programmed almost continuously. Heck, I even have a small company that does full-stack web development. Almost the only thing I haven’t programmed since then is a lousy finished game. Now beeing an somewhat old fart and a handful of demos started, it was time to finally get one finished. Keep it small, keep it simple, but finish it. That was my motto behind Thumb Tanks. Is it the best game ever? Probably not. Is it fun? I mean yes, some agree with me.

Is it my last and therefore only game? Only time will tell… Maybe in another 25 years?

Thank you for your interest in the background of Thumb Tanks. If you have played it, thanks for that too! If not, I would be happy if you would have a look at it. I really appreciate constructive criticism. So feel free to send it to

Kind regards, Chris