This page serves to thank and honor all the wonderful people without whom THUMB TANKS would either not exist or be significantly inferior. These are all people who have either provided free assets, advice or testing for the game. Or, for whatever reason, they went way above and beyond what was asked of them. Some of these people I know personally, some I don’t. But to all of them: THANK YOU. Here they are in alphabetical order. I will be adding more people to this list over the coming weeks.


Where to start? Well, his tank game asset pack started the whole idea of this game a few years ago. By now, I’ve probably lost track of how many of his 100% FREE GAME ASSETS have found their way into the game. Just to name two more: The Pirate Game and the Challenge Pack. Even packs that I haven’t used in the game are a great source of inspiration.


Pixelrain Studios provided free testing and consulting on the games design. I cannot value their impact on the games fun and quality enough. Their feedback helped me validate ideas and provided a lot of new ones I’d never would have come across myself. Connor is a master of his craft. Go check him out and let him help you making your game better. Five Stars!