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The last playtests were very encouraging. A big thank you to everyone who helped out. So many ideas from these playtest sessions have been incorporated into the latest update. However, I’m still looking for more fresh impressions and feedback on the game. You can find out how to join the Thumb Tanks tester group on this page.

During the playtest you can play the game for free via Steam. All you need is a buddy to play with you in person (or together online via Steam Remote Play). Afterwards, I look forward to your feedback. There will also be a small thank you for anyone who provides feedback when the game is released.

Also I’m trying to get a playtest session going every other Thursday around 8pm CET / 2PM ET. If you like to participate, great, just join the discord and let me know.

How does it work?

To get the code for the playtest, you’ll need a key. The easiest way to get the key for the playtest is to join the discord. You can also send me a message on Twitter, Reddit or an e-mail.

Then you just play the game. I’m also happy about people who want to play directly with me. Just let me know and I’ll see if I can make time.

Afterwards I look forward to your feedback in the discord, by e-mail or whatever suits you best. If you want to record the game or stream it (privately or publicly): No problem. Just send me the link so I can watch your game.

ARE there any rules?

To be honest, no. You can do whatever you want with the playtest. That also includes content for YouTube or Twitch. I’m even happy about that.
You don’t even have to give feedback. I’m happy about everyone who plays the game.

Only the exclusive game content and free keys are reserved for those who give feedback on the game.

Do i get the game for free?

Yes, but not automatically. All those who provide detailed feedback will receive a key for the game as a thank you, which will allow you to play the current development status before release. This key will also remain valid when the game is released. You will also receive exclusive content!


Sure. Simply join the discord and we will work something out. I’m trying to get a playtest going with the community there every other thursday. But you can just ask me everytime and I’m glad to play the game if I can.


I did. When the game launches, there will be exclusive content for Discord members, playtesters and creators who produce content about the game. (So if you join the Discord and also create something around your playtest, you can get all exclusive content in one go).

I don’t want to promise too much. But there will at least be an exclusive tank with its own secret weapon. However, it is possible that this will be the same for all three groups. It is also planned that each group will have two exclusive talents to choose from in the game. Maybe even more. But don’t pin me down on that.

This content will not be available for normal players. However, there is the possibility that I will release them as paid DLC for those who want to support the game financially. So please don’t sue me if that happens.

What will definitely remain exclusive, however, are the small supporter badges in the game:

Cute little badges like this will express my gratitude for your feedback.